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England: A Sudden melancholy.

The Master’s door, Warwick

It seems some places can transmit an inexplicable sadness. One such place (for me) was the cloister and garden area of Canterbury Cathedral. Maybe the demise of the “turbulent priest” so long ago, still has the power to influence this photographer who is not much given to mournful moments and generally is quite positive. Then, within the month it happened again in Warwick at the Lord Leycester Hospital, an ancient gem of a building in an interesting town with much architectural merit.

Garden, Canterbury Cathdral

Maybe this time, it was the age of the building and a history of generations of poverty stricken men, living out their last days coupled with long term military associations (with weapons on the wall and a museum).

Doorway, Canturbury Cathedral

Carving, Canterbury Cathdral

A sudden serge of photographic creativity on both occasions, found me with the GF1 and a manual focus Voightlander 35mm F1.4 Nokton with a Leica M adaptor, the lens acting as a 70mm F1.4 due to the 2x focal length factor. Rating the ISO at 1600, I focused on details that seem to express my feelings. Using wide apertures for a soft feel, and the natural grain of the small uprated sensor, plus post processing to further desaturate the images and emphasise the grain, I have produced a series of “Melancholy Images” unlike my other work. Here are a few.

Another closed door, Canterbury Cathedral

Mementoes, Warwick

Tombe, Warwick

Cloister wall, Canterbury

Garden statue, Warwick

Tombe, Warwick

Window bars, Canterbury

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  1. I think it’s all to do with passing the half way mark and not being able to see the finishing post.

    Comment by Nigel Pert — July 1, 2010 @ 6:35 pm

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