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Glimpses of Gaia3: Ananda Ma!

All images copyright Chris Wormald please do not use these images without written permission.

Ananda Ma Durga Devi, Jagadambe Shri Ma! Jai Shri Ma, Kali Kali Ma, Jai Shri Ma.

France; Normandy, cabbage leaf,dew5

Her jewels


Her dress

Uk, cactus, boom

Her laughter


Her anger

Her Magnificence!

France, Normandy, St Aubert, Lupin, close1

Her Femininity


France, Normandy, StAubert, dahlia5

Her perfection


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, tulip petals, close1

Her Style!

Her Style!


Her secrets.

Her Guardians.

Her Guardians.


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, dandilion-seed2018b&w1

Her longing for herself.


Ma! Teach us to be  content with the perfection of small things.  May 2014

Ma! Teach us to be
content with the perfection of small things.

natform-orange poppy1


France, Normandy, Cerisi Belle Etoile, Rose2

We love you Ma!

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, IrisPetal1

France, Normandy, St Aubert, broccoli leaf, detail

Age and experience leave their marks.


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, broccolileaves2018

The Perfection of Imperfection


Our Prayers and Wishes.

All our Prayers and Wishes.

Shanti Shanti Shanti

Kali - Arianrhod- Mistress of Time we return to you as dust and rise again in glorious LIFE!

Kali – Arianrhod- Mistress of Time, only by returning to you as dust can we rise again in glorious LIFE!


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