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Fuji X-T20


France, Normandy, StAubert, LeekSeedhead1b&w

Leek seed head,    August 2017     50mm

I traded in my X-T10 body for an X-T20 body (so enamoured am I with the type 3 sensor and the ACROS b&w mode). I briefly considered the X100f with its fixed 23mm lens + type 3 sensor but the price put me off, and the “rangefinder” style body would be too similar in use, to my X-PRO2 with the 23mm attached.

I liked the X-T2, whilst handling it in the shop; I would have enjoyed taking it out shooting. However,  having both the X-PRO2 and the X-T2 would seem a bit greedy.

I bought the X-T20 body from LCE, Cheltenham, on my way back from Warwick. It was the last in stock and had been a demo. The settings had been applied by many (dubious) hands and the camera was quirky to the extent that it took a few days to sort out and mysteriously kept re-setting itself. However it has now got used to a low sugar, veggie diet, and no longer gets excited.

I have upgraded the firmware to version 1.02, which I am sure has helped – Ha! It was probably that all the time.

Another firmware appeared (1.11 January 2018) and another big one (2.00. April 2018) Well done Mr Fuji!

The X-T20 body is the same size as the X-T10 (the same XT 10 grip fits too). I have small hands, (they are the same ones that I used on the X-T10), but I keep accidentally touching the right hand button of the “selector group” on the rear of the X-T20. There is a “control lock” setting in the setup menu to turn off the selector buttons during shooting. It is hidden in the second layer of “button/dial” under “selector button setting”, changing the setting to “focus area” turns off the selector BUT then you can’t change the “film type/ACROS” until you wade back into the menu and change the setting back to “FN”. Grrr.

The weight of 23mm f1.4 made me change it for the smaller 23mm f2, which does not intrude in the OVF on the X-PRO2; however, the f1.4 is a superb lens. In times gone by, the extra stop would have been very useful indeed. Nowadays sensors are so good that increasing the sensitivity by a stop is the way to go. Now I have to sell the 23mm f1.4 as I don’t want 2 primes with the same focal length.


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, poppy(1)2018

Poppy, June 2018.     50mm

France, Normandy, Falaise, chateau, split toned, 2018

Falaise Castle, Feb 2018, split tone,  35mm

The 14mm f2.8, the 23mm f2, the 35mm f2 and the 50mm f2 are my  every-day lenses.

I am still in love with the X-PRO2, it’s great for street shots and travel; however the X-T20, with the same sensor is fast becoming my choice  when taking plant portraits using the 50mm, with the 11 or 16mm extension tubes attached (or not).

If you are interested, my page on the X-PRO2 gives my reasons for getting out of full frame cameras and adopting Fujifilm cameras as my  outfit of choice.

As part of my rationalisation, both bodies and the four lenses and small accessories, go in a Domke F803 bag that easily fits in a pannier on my bike and is not too heavy on its shoulder strap.

Like other Fuji addicts, I am looking forward to the possibility of a redesigned WR 18mm f2 Mk2 – (28mm eqiv), that should be a cracker, as are the other f2 WR lenses.

Here are some recent shots from the X-T20 –


France, Normandy, StAubert, dahlia5

Dahlia “Life Force”    August 2017    50mm


France, Normandy, StAubert, artichoke, seedhead, September1b&w

An artichoke seed-head, 1st October 2017   35mm


France, Normandy, StAubert, WhiteRose2017b&w1

Split-toned in Lightroom whilst thinking of Platinum/Palladian tonality.

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, knapweed(1)2018

Knapweed, St Aubert, May 2018.     50mm


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Hydrangea, Triptych(1)2018

Hydrangea Triptych 1    June 30th 2018


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Rudbeckia(1)2018

Rudbeckia,  4th July 2018.     50mm


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Zinnia(1)2018

Zinnia, St Aubert,  July2018.     50mm


France, Normandy, Honfleur, fishing boat detail1b&w

Fishing boat detail, Honfleur, Normandy.    50mm


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, poppy(2)2018

Painterly Poppy, June 2018     50mm+MCEX-16


France, Normandy, LaCarneille, Sempervivium(1)2018

Sempervivium,    July 2018    50mm


France, Normandy, StAubert, sunflower, highkey1

Make Hay whilst the Sun Shines.  Sept 2nd 2017      50mm

France, Normandy, StAubert, autumnfungus1b&w

Signs of the end of summer.      50mm

France, Normandy, StAubert, sunflower, detail1

A late little sunrise.    50mm +MCEX-11

France, Normandy, StAubert, Quimces1

Quinces, for quince jelly, St Aubert, September 2017    35mm


France, Normandy, LaCarneille, Marie Burel, Fado(1)2018

Marie Burel at La Carneille, sings Fado.  July 2018

When the need arises uprate the sensor – the above was at 4000iso, 80th sec at f4 with the 50mm.


France, Normandy, Domfront, IntFolkFest, Shivkrupa(2)2018

Shivkrupa at Domfront Int. Folk Festival 2018   50mm  2500iso


Uk, Devon, Topsham, River Exe, sunset2017

Quiet end to the day, Topsham, October 2017

France, Normandy, StAubert, poppy1, blown2017

The days grow short – Gaia retreats.

France, Normandy, StAubert, ShadowsCaravan2017b&w

Shadows and caravan,  Oct 2017,   50mm

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, snowdrops2018

The snowdrops are earlier this year (Late January 2018).

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, catkins2018

January catkins     50mm


Trapped leaves 1,     Feb 2018,   50mm

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, poppy, seedheads(2)2018

Poppy seed heads,  June 2018.     50mm

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, broccolileaves2018(2)

The Perfection of Imperfection1 April 2018

France, Normandy, Briouze, Le Maraise du Grande Haze, Apriltrees

Reflections, Marais du Grand Haze, Briouze, Normandy

Here is a link to a page about the Marais

France, Normandy, Briouze, Le Maraise du Grande Haze, Maytrees3

Reflections, Marais du Grand Haze, Briouze, Normandy

France, Normandy, Briouze, Le Maraise du Grand Haze, Junetrees1,

Marais du Grand Haze, June,   8mm Samyang

France, Normandy, Briouze, Le Maraise du Grand Haze, midsummer r

Midsummer Reflection, Marais du Grand Haze,    35mm


France, Normandy, St.Aubert, tulip(2)2018

Tulip Triomphe  The petal colours have changed as the flower matures.  50mm

France; Chinon&riverVienne;panorama1

Chinon from the Vienne, motion panorama,   14mm























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