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Fuji X100s (ever-ready and occasional).

Uk, Cornwall, Mylor Harbour, working boats, morning1

Falmouth Working Boat, Mylor, February

A second hand chrome Fuji X100s winked at me and said “Buy me, you know you want to” – and so comes a page about the self-indulgent purchase of a camera that I don’t really need.

Inside the shop (a branch of the LCE that I had never been in) the rather over-confident young sales person assured me of the 6 months warranty and that the firmware was up to date, despite when testing the camera inside and outside the shop at various settings, it was plainly over-exposing and a symbol was appearing on screen that I had never seen before, indicating over brightness I think.  I searched through the menus for an indication of what could be awry but found nothing.  The sales person did a reset to factory settings and the symbol disappeared as did the over exposure. I bought the camera which included an ever ready case and a spare battery. I have not owned a ERC for a camera for about 40 years, but as I intend this camera to be “ever ready in the van” it was a bonus.

France, Normandy, Falaise Castle, Nov2016, X100s

Falaise Castle – November 2016

Playing with the camera later in a café, waiting for the ferry, both the symbol and over-exposure re-occurred and I began to regret my impetuosity.

Back in Normandy, I went online and found that the firmware was far from current, so I downloaded and installed version 1.21 (the final one offered for the 100s).

The problem seems to have gone away and the camera is stable and seems fast and accurate.

France, Normandy, Falaise, lake&OldMill1l

Ancient Mill, Falaise Lake.    July 2017

There are pages on this site full of images from my original, much loved X100, which was my companion for a number of years in France, the UK and in India, so please look through the pages on the right if you are interested.

In the meantime I will put up images from my ER Camera when I think about it.

France, Normandy, Putanges, River Orne, 2016reflections1b&w

December meditation by the Orne at Putanges, Normandy

Near Caen, there is an out of town shopping area that incudes an outstanding art, craft and music emporium called “Cultura”; well worth the detour. And a strange bit of Americana.

Maybe sometimes one should avoid part exchanging a loved piece of kit, as I did with the X100 – however one would end up with a cupboard full of bodies and lenses and then make oneself miserable for not having used an old love. 

France, Normandy, Mondeville, Diner1

American Clichés near Caen.

I let myself be ripped off buying the lens hood and the filter ring, just as I did when I bought my original X100 back in 2011.


Heuchera leaf in May

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, huchera, raindrops1

Another one!

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, poppy, close1

A somewhat formal poppy close-up.  May 2017

The Macro setting on the X100s is very useful and having the camera accessible means fleeting ideas are more easily realised. 

Uk, Cornwall, Penzance, MorrabGardens, Camelia1

UK, devon, Dartington, Sweel Chestnut Tree, bark1

Sweet Chestnut bark, Dartington .  February 2017

France, Normandy, La Ferte Mace, ancient tree1

Ancient Tree, La Ferte Mace lakeside, Normandy April 2017

France, Normandy, Ice, close1

Thick ice in the water butts.   January 2017

France, Normandy, Ice, close2b&w

Countless bubbles in the water butt Ice,   January 2017

Uk, Cornwall, Mylor Harbour, working boats, morning2

Misty February morning, 2017.  Mylor Creek, Cornwall

UK, devon, Brixham, nets2

Brixham Nets, Devon, February

France, Normandy, Caen, Quaysidegraffiti1

Quayside Graffiti, Caen

France, Normandy, Breel, River Rouvre, March2017,b&w1

Late March, by the River Rouvre, Breel.     NDfilter

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, hosta,raindrops1

Early May, Hosta leaves after rain, Normandy

France, Normandy, Falaise, recycled blondes1

Recycled blondes.  These poor creatures were being sold at a Vide Grenier in Falaise, despite their smiles they were distressed; it was very hot and they clearly did not have enough room.

And some recent motion panoramas –

Uk, Devon, Teignmouth, mouth of river Teign1

Mouth of the River Teign, Devon.

France, Normandy, Le Harvre, arrival,motion panorma1

Arrival on the early morning ferry, Le Harvre, February

The X100s does seem faster than the X100!


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