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Fuji X-E2 and the X-T10.

All text and images are ©Chris Wormald. Only use after obtaining written permission.

After three years using the X-E1, I bought a second-hand Fuji X-E2 body and thanks to a small legacy, a Fuji X-T10 body and the 14mm, 23mm, 35mm f2 and 60mm prime lenses.

As always when buying a new camera or lens, make sure the firmware is up to date. My first job was to download and install firmware version 3.10 on the X-E2 body, and as soon as there is an update for the X-T10 I will update that one too. (I did in mid-March 2016!  It is now version 1.20 for the body – and now in June 2016 another one 1.21).

Feb 11th – Good old Fujifilm! I have just downloaded and installed version 4 of the firmware on the X-E2, bringing it nearer to the spec. of the X-E2s. Once again Fuji have catered for the needs of their existing camera users.

Now (June 2016) there are firmware updates for some of the X-series lenses. Look on the Fuji support site.

Meditation on the lack of Green.

Meditation on the lack of Green.

Below is a shot with the X-E2 (firmware 4) and the 55mm end of the mid-range zoom cropped from the left. (Yes, I should have used a tripod)!


So the 18-55mm midrange zoom is on the X-E2, the X-E1 is sold and the X-T10 is my new darling. A fast darling it is, illustrating just how slow the X-E1 body is or rather was; it is somebody else’s new darling now.

The early images on this page are the result of a few walks near home in early December 2015, (yikes! doesn’t time fly) trying the X-E2 (with firmware 3.10) which is faster (auto-focus and writing to disc) than the XE1 and has a nice manual focus check, a feature I used for the first time walking up the Gorges de Rouvre by the river with the camera on a tripod and some nice light coming through the trees on to the quiet river.

A quiet afternoon by the River Rouvre.

A quiet afternoon by the River Rouvre.

France, Normandy, Le Roches d'Oetre1

A quiet sunny afternoon up on the Roches d’Oetre

All the above images taken on the X-E2 with the 18-55mm midrange zoom.

These few are out of sequence a bit. I took the X-E2 to Nantes as well as the X-T10  (and it was silly not to use it!) So here are a few with the X-E2 and the 35mm f2 of the hidden gems in the Palmhouse at the Botanic Garden.

France; Nantes; BotanicGarden-pitcherplant3b&w

France; Nantes; BotanicGarden-leaftextures1

I really like the 35mm f2 lens (50mm eqiv) – it reminds me of using a 50mm f2 Summicron on an M series Leica

The X-T10 RAW files were not recognised by Lightroom 5 in Dec/January 2016, so I used Capture One 9.01 (trial) for a bit.

Over the Winter Solstice holiday came a chance to exercise the X-T10 and the 23mm (35mm equiv) at a Sunday market in Caen before the Capture One trial ended. 

I cropped the images – (the first one more than the other).

France, Normandy, Caen Market, fast food1 winter2015

France, Normandy, Caen Market, flowerstall1 winter2015

I had some time before the New Year, for a day trip or 2 (over to Bayeux, Mayenne and Bagnoles) to take some pictures. I decided to buy a licence for Capture One Pro 9, and tried to make a full catalogue of my many thousands of RAW files in the same way as I have done for Lightroom 5, but the procedure was so difficult that I gave up. However images taken on the Fuji X-T10 seem to be very nice after processing in Capture One without making a catalogue. Here are a few with more to follow – starting with the Crypt under Bayeux Cathedral, hand held at 40th sec rated at 6500iso with the 14mm (21mm equiv), and a few shots around the city afterwards.

France, Normandy, Bayeux, cathedral crypt1

France, Normandy, Bayeaux, waterwheel1

France, Normandy, Bayeaux, reflection1

The image below is from a day trip down to Bagnoles de l’Orne where nature has been tamed.

France, Normandy, Bagnol de l'Orne, wier, winter2015,

I bought Lightroom 6 from Amazon UK and installed it. After an uncomfortable few days I can now import and add RAW files from the Fuji X-T10, having downloaded and installed the 6.3 update! And now in mid-March 2016 the 6.5 update – wow!

France, Normandy, Bayeux, cathedral, winter1

Beautiful Bayeux cathedral in winter.

The two images below, were taken at a Cornish music session with the X-T10 and my favourite new prime lens – the 23mm f1.4




And below, are from a new page – Eden in Winter taken on the X-T10 in mid January 2016, at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Uk, Cornwall, Eden Project, Rainforest Biome, Malaysian House1

A Malaysian House in the Rainforest Biome

Uk, Cornwall, Eden Project, January Biomes1

The biomes in winter, Eden Project, St Austell, Cornwall.T

The 23mm f1.4 is definitely a wonderful lens!


Uk, Cornwall, Penzance, inner harbour2016

Penzance is a “Floating Harbour” with lock gates that open at high-water twice a day.

In late February 2016, came a trip down to Nantes on the train and an AirBnB in the city with mixed weather!

Here is an interior of the turn of the century, La Cigale Brasserie, from an up-coming page shot using the X-T10.

France; Nantes; La Cigale; interior1

So ornate!

France; Nantes; city centrenight1

The X-T10 is happy at 3200iso, and does not attract unwelcome attention even when attached to my lightweight Manfrotto monopod.


France; Nantes; BotanicGarden-pitcherplant2

The Jardin des Plantes in Nantes  – 60mm macro

The restored Passage Pommeraye, below is a step back to a more gentle age.

France; Nantes; Passage Pommeraye1

France; Nantes; river Loire; Belem1

Stepping aboard the Belem (above, at her River Loire, winter berth) would also have seemed quite normal; however, so would the slave trade.

France; Nantes; MuseumNaturalHistoryl1

Last week of February 2016  and signs of Spring.

Have a look at the new Nantes page to see how I got on.

The journey continues – here are a few shots from another trip to the UK. St.Malo to Plymouth to pick up my Fujifilm X-PRO 2 body! Yikes!

France; Brittany; St.Malo, port1

St. Malo port – 23mm f1.4

I have sold the Canon outfit including the L series lenses – I haven’t used them for ages and have decided that their weight and bulk stops me taking them out with me.

Goodbye full frame, all my eggs are now in the Fuji basket.

I have loaned the X-E2 body and 18-55mm zoom to my son on a longish term basis, as I don’t want to walk around with 3 Fuji bodies and will prioritise using the prime lenses.

The X-E2 is still with my son and I have just (August 2017) PX’d the X-T10 body and bought an X-T20 body.  Here are some first thoughts and images –

France; Brittany; St.Malo, port2

St. Malo port – 23mm f1.4

So look for a new page on the X-PRO 2

and more on the X-T10 here.


January 2017 – a cold week of iced water butts.    X-T10 35mm.



Imagined red & Green,    X-T10 35mm, toned in Lightroom 6.10


Uk, London,Thames,LookingEast motionpanorama1

River Thames, looking East – motion panorama X-T10 35mm

Uk, Cornwall, River Lyner, St.Germans, hightide1

Early morning high tide on River Lyner, St. Germans, Cornwall.  X-T10 23mm

France, Normandy, StAubert, ParrotTulip1

Parrot Tulip.   – X-T10  35mm f2


Intimate Amaryllis  – 60mm

France, Normandy, ChateauGontier, panorama1

The Mayenne at Chateau Gontier, Normandy (motion Panorama – August 2016)

France, Brittany, St Malo, circus, Leger de Mele8

Leger Demele, St. Malo  – 35mm

Whoops! Could have done with the 18-55mm midrange zoom here, now loaned to my son with the X-E2 body. However the 35mm f2 did just fine. When one is cramped for space and can’t move but have a good optic, cropping is a solution.

France, Brittany, St Malo, circus, Leger de Mele3

Leger Demele

France, Brittany, St Malo, circus, Leger de Mele6



  1. Good review! In your opinion, is the used X-E2 worth the upgrade from the X-E1? I’m a newbie considering a cheap used X-E1, but want to know if the upgrade is significantly worth the extra money. Thanks

    Comment by Tom — January 25, 2016 @ 8:00 pm

    • Hello Tom, I think that, if your budget will stand it, the XE2 is worth going for. It is faster and the manual focus gismo is very good. I am sad to say that since I have had the XT10, I have neglected the XE2 somewhat! I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Cornwall and have some new pages to put up (all shot with my new darling, the XT10 and the prime lenses. Hopefully by next week —
      regards Chris

      Comment by chriswormald — January 26, 2016 @ 9:36 am

  2. hi chris, how do you get those colors? native fuji raws’ ain’t like that, right? your pics looks like film. thanks

    Comment by Jose — July 18, 2017 @ 2:34 pm

    • Hello Jose, Thanks for your comment. yes, images from both the XE2 and the XT10 were all shot RAW and processed in Lightroom and PS CS4. On the X-PRO2, I shoot JPEGs and tweek in PS CS4. often using levels and curves.
      Kind regards, Chris

      Comment by chriswormald — July 18, 2017 @ 6:01 pm

  3. Hi Chris. I’m torn my budget is $800 CAD. With that i was only able to find a used x-t10 with a 16-50 kit lens for $690 or a used x-e2 w/ 18-55mm lens for $775. Ideally I want the x-t10 with 18-55. But unfortunately I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

    Which one should I go with? The x-t10 comes with a few extras like extra batteries and camera bag and memory card etc.

    I was thinking of just getting the x-t10 since it’s a newer body and just save money for the 18-55mm.

    Comment by Anna Mae Doroteo — October 27, 2017 @ 6:38 am

    • Hello Anna Mae, You have a dilemma. I found the 18-55 lens very good indeed for a kit zoom. I believe that the 16-50 is not of the same optical quality, but that said I have never used it. If you don’t do much or any video, I would, in your situation, choose the better quality lens and go with the X-E2 body and save your pennies towards a X-T20 body when they turn up second hand. The type 3 sensor is a great improvement, as is the ACROS b&w mode. (see my page on the X-T20). kind regards, Chris

      Comment by chriswormald — October 27, 2017 @ 8:36 am

      • Thank you so much for the speedy response. Definitely helped with my decision. I don’t do any video at all. And the camera would be mostly used for travel and much daily adventures and to mostly learn more about photography.

        Comment by Anna Mae Doroteo — October 27, 2017 @ 10:00 am

  4. Good luck with your future image making, Anna Mae. Do check that your new X-E2 body has the newest firmware and if not download it and install it. Chris

    Comment by chriswormald — October 27, 2017 @ 10:09 am

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