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Panasonic GF1: Offbeat Bath.

These images are all copyright to Chris Wormald.  Do not use without permission.

Here are a few pictures taken during a day “off” in the lovely city of Bath in the late summer of 2010, using the Panasonic  GF1/20mm.

Bath Reflection3

Sometimes when I feel a bit “off” it is the creative spirit that needs a massage; (I had caught a bad cold after visiting someone in hospital – if you want to get ill then a visit to a hospital really does do the trick!)

A gentle cycle ride along the river Avon tow path and then an exercise for the creative part of the brain using a camera as light as the GF1, with the 20mm attached, did the trick on this particular September day.

I have always loved photographing reflections in glass. Surreal combinations of people, cars and buildings with the very bizarre things that some shop owners put in the window, has a great appeal, and moving the camera an inch or so can make or break an image.

Bath Reflection7

Bath Reflection8

Reflect on this – Jane Austen has chained herself to the railings, the other woman has not.

For more on the Panasonic GF1 see its page on the list and the “Sudden Melancholy” page.

After I bought the Fuji X100 in May 2011, I happened to be in Bath for the day, I thought I would produce another “Offbeat Bath” set of images, this time in colour using my lovely new toy – which became my favourite item of kit, until I bought the Fuji XE1 that I still had in 2015. There are many pages on this blog with images from the XE1.

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