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Compared to some people I don’t go to many gigs, festivals or concerts, but when I do, sometimes a camera magically appears in my hand. 

Here are a few pictures –

Hungarian folk dancers at Domfront, Normandy, France

Hungarian folk dancer, Domfront, Normandy, France

Fairy music, Penzance Fairy Ball 08, Cornwall

Gavin Frank at “Rise up Singing 2011”, Dartmoor, Devon

Baul musician, Poush Mela 2008, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India

Company of the Lantern, Ghost scene, Falaise, Normandy, France

Mazey Day dancing 2006, Penzance, Cornwall


Enjoy live music whenever and wherever you can. These two are from a set during a Cornish music session at the Pirate Inn, Penzance, Cornwall.


Lovely girl in a stunning dress.

Lovely girl in a stunning dress at the Helston Flora Dance, Cornwall 2014

Dancer at the 2008 Poush Mela, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India

Goloka, India my Love Festival, Dorset

UK, Warwick, FolkFestival2016, MollyDancers1

Gog Magog Molly at the Warwick Folk Festival 2016

UK, Warwick, FolkFestival2016, Mummers1

Mummers at Warwick Folk Festival 2016

Spirited devotee dancing at the Rathayatra, London

France, Brittany, St Malo, circus, Leger de Mele8

Leger Demele at St. Malo, Brittany.

Audience photos too!

Enraptured, India my Love festival, Dorset

Uk, Dorset, India my love, mother&childB&W1

Real love at a festival, Dorset


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