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France: Plantagenet City

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity1

Medieval Le Mans, Normandy, France

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France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity3

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity5

Preserved,  Le Mans, Normandy.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MotionPanorama1

Le Mans panorama

Thankful for the Assumption Bank holiday lack of traffic, and finding a shady parking spot by the River Sarthe, I found my way quite by chance to the “Plantagenet City”, an area of beautifully preserved medieval buildings that are a tourist’s delight, full of cafes and craft shops with occasional panoramic views down to the newer areas of the city by the river and beyond. The maze of cobbled lanes are easy to navigate and lead steadily up to the cathedral, where the faithful were gathering on foot and in wheelchairs for a service on this religious holiday.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity2

Le Mans, Normandy.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity7

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity4

Shopping opportunities, Le Mans, Normandy.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity9

The past in the present, Le Mans, Normandy.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity6

The cathedral has a magnificent interior and and mighty exterior, complete with buttresses flying over the spacious square that seems to be the city centre, joining new and old and a meeting place for locals and tourists alike.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity-cathedral2

Le Mans Cathedral, Normandy.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, MedievalCity-cathedral1

Le Mans Cathedral, Normandy

To my amazement a land train wends its way among the narrow cobbled streets for people unable or unwilling to use their feet.


Residential moorings on the Sarthe at Le Mans.

These photos of the River Sarthe at Le Mans link this piece with the page, “Down where the Rivers Are”, on this blog and a short walk along the river leads to a marina where some lovely live-aboard barges are overshadowed by an unfortunate block of flats; a planning mistake repeated in many European cities that is difficult to remedy; but the Plantagenet City area of Le Mans shines bright as an example of planning decisions that reinforce conservation, revitalise tourism and become a vital link to a better and hopefully a greener future.

France, Normandy, Le Mans, River Sarthe, riversidehouse1

Tantalising glimpse of what the riverside was once like, Le Mans, Normandy.

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