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London: Ratha Yatra 2010

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The 2010 Ratha Yatra procession, London

Deity and Pujari, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Deity, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Lord Krishna, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

I happened to be in London recently taking photos for a client. London is not a place I go regularly, for I am not a city person. However I did live in London for a short time after finishing photographic college in the mid 1970s. I lived there long enough to know that I didn’t want to make London my home. So, 40 years later, a ten day commission to take a set of photos of central London was an eye-opener which I intend to write about later on these pages (and illustrate!)

Deities, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

It happened that the 2010 Ratha Yatra coincided with my visit and I was able to take a few hours “off” to take pictures. I have a genuine interest in Hinduism and determined to enjoy the procession of the Gods in their giant carts in London. I had tried to see them in their temple in Puri, India but being a westerner, I was not allowed in.

Ratha Yatra 2010 procession

Devotee, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Devotee, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Devotees, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

For me, the great attraction of the Hindu religion is that “the Highest Power – God- the Almighty- Great Spirit-Lord- Goddess” call Him/Her what thou wilt; can be represented by almost anything. This is great news. He/She has every gender and none and therefore can be seen in everything and anything. For some, the remote and enigmatic Shiva meditating on his mountain or dancing in a circle of fire represents the highest power, for others it’s the image of Ma Kali with her red tongue, skulls and naked power, dancing amongst the burning corpses, others seek traditional beauty and love Ma Lakshmi, or the virgin Tripura Sundari; for others the incomperable Vishnu, the brave Ram and for others God is the beautiful Krishna playing his flute to his equally beautiful Shakti, Radha. The idea that “God” is in everything explains Lord Jaganath who at first glance, looks like a cartoon character. And why shouldn’t He if everything is God!

Devotees, Ratha Yatra 2010, london

The Ratha Yatra takes place on a Sunday and brings central London almost to a standstill as the deities on their giant carts are pulled by many willing and joyful people from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square for a party with free food, music and dancing, face painting and even some stalls trying to explain the context of all the excitement.

Devotees, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Ratha Yatra 2010 at Trafalgar Square, London

Mantras at the Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Mendhi, Ratha Yatra 2010, London

Free food at the 2010 London Ratha Yatra


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