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England: Salisbury

Uk, Wilts-Salisbury-Cathedral-northeast2

Cathedral from Sarum College



Cathedral on a May morning.


Salisbury Cathedral from the South West.

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High view of the nave, Salisbury, Cathedral

The stunningly complex roof of Salisbury Cathedral

Sarum College, Cathedral Close, Salisbury.

In much the same spirit as my page on Bristol – – I am putting up this page on the city of Salisbury in Wilshire, UK.

Mompesson House, Cathedral Close, Salisbury

I have photographed Salisbury a number of times over the years and have enjoyed the process each time. A compact city with some enjoyable medieval and Regency buildings and a stunning cathedral set in spacious surroundings, Salisbury repays the photographer who takes the time to walk unhurriedly on a sunny day whilst the daylight changes. Completing the photography-day with some night shots of the cathedral accentuated by some very nice new lighting and lastly, a pint of good ale in the Market Square.

Salisbury Cathedral at night.

The Early English Gothic cathedral has stunning interior views and a 404ft spire, the tallest in England, indeed it is the tallest Medieval structure in the world. It has been calculated that the complex support  framing inside the tower consumed over 2,600 tons of English oak. Outside the magnificent edifice is the largest Cathedral Close in the UK with some ancient medieval gates into the 21st century shopping centre. The close  includes architectural gems such as Mompesson House, now owned by the National trust and open to the public. The late Sir Edward Heath, once Prime Minister of the UK made Arundells, Cathedral Close, his home; it is also open to the public on some days of the week. The two museums also in the Close are somewhat spoiled by cars parked in their front gardens, ruining the view, as is Sarum College, housed in another lovely building.

Myles Place, Cathedral Close, Salisbury

The Cathedral School is unfortunately, private.

A more domestic scale in a quiet corner of Salisbury Cathedral Close.

There are some very charming domestic scale properties in the close as well as a few very formal mansions, so keep looking over the gates!

Children playing in the river at Harnam Mill, Salisbury. Well away from their games machines and computers!

The “City Path” (pedestrian and cycles), leads through the park to lovely Harnam Mill and the water meadows which offer John Constable views back to the Cathedral.

The view back to the Cathedral over the water-meadows, Salisbury.

There are some good hotels in Salisbury Centre for those who have an adequate budget and a camp site north of the city along a mainly off road cycle track for those (like myself) who do not.

Evening dining and drinking, Market Square, Salisbury

Enjoy a few days in Salisbury!



  1. Lovely article and photos on what you can see in Salisbury!

    Comment by Candice — April 9, 2014 @ 10:21 am

  2. I have visited many times and your photographs are a real insight

    Comment by Sainte Etienne — June 28, 2017 @ 1:33 pm

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