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France, Normandy: Time in Caen.

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Flags, stone and sky - William's Castle.

Flags, stone and sky – William’s Castle.

Caen is a modern university city crammed with 21st century consumerist delights (if you like that sort of thing). The huge ramparts of William the Conqueror’s chateau, with a great art gallery and museum within, dominate the semi pedestrianised shopping centre and make a very impressive sight of flags and stone.

Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen

Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen

War Baby, Caen

War Baby, Caen

The Eyes Have It.

The Eyes Have It.

Dolls' reflection, Caen.

Dolls’ reflection, Caen.

REflection on a Red Horse.

Reflection on a Red Horse.

Caen suffered massive damage during the Second World War and a lot of the city centre is bland and rebuilt, but with a great tram system and buses to everywhere . However if you walk towards the lovely Abbaye aux Hommes you will find vestiges of the old city. There are many antique shops and an extraordinary number of bars and restaurants with   pavement seating for visitors and students who mingle with the locals in the lovely Place St. Saveur. The Abbaye aux Dames at the other end of the centre is also a must see.

France, Normandy, Caen, Place Saint-Sauveur2019(1)

Place Saint-Sauveur, Caen

The recent upgrading of the tram lines has been very detrimental for visitors to the city, however when it is all done and dusted things will be better!

Thankfully the lovely Place Saint-Sauveur has not been affected and is a delightful distraction with its gardens and demonstration of building with Caen’s lovely stone, the famous Pierre de Caen.

France, Normandy, Caen, Place Saint-Sauveur2019(2)

Place Saint-Sauveur, Garden of Messages, Caen

France, Normandy, Caen, ReflectionDowntown

Caught in the frame – in Caen


Rue Froide - Caen's most interesting street.

Rue Froide – Caen’s most interesting street.

Some fascinating old streets (one full of antiquarian and modern bookshops) are ready to explore and  boutiques abound for well heeled clothes shoppers. A favourite street of mine (photographically) is Rue Froide which seems to attract an interesting crowd.



The Porte de Plaisance with its floating harbour has some interesting sailing craft plus lots of bars and clubs. Very lively in the evening, I surmise. More surprising however, on Sunday mornings, the area attracts crowds when the large car-park and some adjoining streets are given over to a large market selling food and what-have-you, including some North African items attracting some of the large ethnic population in Basse Normandie.

Porte de Plaisance, Caen.

Porte de Plaisance, Caen.

Avocados - Caen Sunday Market.

Avocados – Caen Sunday Market.

Aubergines and Peppers

Aubergines and Peppers

France, Normandy, Caen Market, cheesestall1 winter2015



France, Normandy, Caen Market, flowerstall1 winter2015

The Stranger’s Cemetery up by the Botanic Gardens has poignant and neglected reminders of past lives.

France; Caen, strangers cemetery, forgottontomb1b&w

Cobwebs and distant memories.

Spending time inside and outside glasshouses at the Jardin des Plantes is worthwhile. There are some grand structural plants and a sweet meditation area with a very green Buddha.

Green and content.

Green and content at the Jardin des Plantes, Caen

Timeless Papyrus

Timeless Papyrus

Guzzling grapes.

Guzzling grapes, another form of contentment.

Living as I do, in a very quiet rural area, a trip to Caen means stepping into the modern world. It represents an extraordinary change of gear, just over an hour’s drive from my tree fringed, 200+ year old, peaceful, solar powered stone cottage.

Round Tower, Place Courtonne, Caen.

Round Tower, Place Courtonne, Caen.


France, Normandy, Caen, Quaysidegraffiti1

Quayside Graffiti


Tear in the Fabric, Caen.

Tear in the Fabric, Caen.

Fashion Victim, Caen.

Fashion Victim, Caen.

Natural stuctures at the Jardin des Plantes, Caen.

Natural structures at the Jardin des Plantes, Caen.

Don’t look now, but American culture is creeping closer, as this diner in Mondeville seems to indicate.

France, Normandy, Mondeville, Diner1

Look out! Creeping clichés.

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