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February 13, 2010

Chris Wormald – Photographer

This is the home page of my photo-blog.  For more details, look at the page entitled –

“About Chris Wormald”. 

Please do not use any of the images or any part of the text on any page, without negotiating a fee.

Magical Gough’s Cave, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset – from the page “Underground Beauty and Cheese”

France, Normandy, St. Aubert, red cabbage, detail6, droplets

Red Cabbage Songs – a series.

France, Normandy, StAubert, seedheads2018(3)

Seedheads in early Autumn 2018

France, Normandy, St Aubert, Dahlia, Pom Pom, b&w2019(1)

Dahlia, Pom Pom,  St Aubert,  August 2019

Photography has been, and continues to be, my way of life. I started at 14 and I am now 73 – so I think it is fair to say that I have given it a try.

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Iris2020(3)

Iris 3, St Aubert  1st May 2020,   in locked down Normandy.

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, 3Lilies2020(5)

3 Yellow Lilies, St Aubert,  11th July,  and lock-down is over.

Uk, Cornwall, Penzance, inner harbour2016

Penzance Harbour, Cornwall, UK

Look at my nostalgic page of Cornish subjects.

Uk, Cornwall, River Lyner, St.Germans, hightide1

River Lyner, early morning tide.

Please explore the pages on the right and feel free to make any comments.

 Fuji cameras are my current tools of choice.

However, to be clear, I do not and never have, received any money or equipment from Fuji or any other manufacturer, or any loan of kit. I like and use Fuji kit – it’s as simple as that.

France; Nantes; La Cigale; interior1

An interior of the stunning La Cigale, turn of the century brasserie in Nantes, France.

From my page of images shot on the Fuji XT10 in February 2016.

August 2017 – the X-T20 a small package with the type 3 sensor –

My latest page shot on the X-PRO2

St. Just in Roseland Church1, Cornwall, UK

St Just in Roseland – from my page Cornish Waters part 2

France, Normandy, StAubert, dahlia2018(6)

Dahlia 6.    August 2018.

France, Normandy, St Aubert, Iris, close, 2019(2)

Ravenous Iris in May.

Uk, London,Thames, monochrome,redfilter1

River Thames and evening clouds.

France, Normandy, Briouze, February Flood-plain2020(1b&w)

February Flood plain 2020,  Briouze, Normandy

France, Normandy, Mayenne, chateau&river2

The Chateau from the bridge, Mayenne, Normandy

A link to new pages shot on the Fuji X-Pro2

France: Mayenne, Laval and the river.

France, Brittany, Pont Aven, boat stern, high tide1

Pont Aven, Brittany .

And another about Le Main, Angers and the confluence with La Loire –

France, Normandy, Angers, MaisondeChapelain

Maison de Chapelain, Angers, France.

France, Brittany, Douarnenez, harbour, LUN 11, trading ketch5

Unloading zero carbon rum,  Douarnenez, Brittany.

Look at more pages  shot with my Fuji X-Pro2.

Brittany: Douarnenez.


France – Loire Valley, Saumur & Chinon 2018

France: Plantagenet City

France; LoireValley, Chinon, RoyalFortress from river Vienne2

Pleasure boats on the River Vienne at Chinon

England: Warwick and the Folk Festival 2016

UK, Warwick, FolkFestival2016, MollyDancers1

Gog Magog Molly Dancers at Warwick, UK

Trengwainton Gardens, Cornwall, UK

Trengwainton Gardens, Cornwall, UK

Above link to the first of the pages of text and images about my native land, I just wish I could be there more often.

France, Normandy, Putanges, River Orne, 2016autumn-reflections2

Autumn Meditation by the Orne at Putanges  – October 2016

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Tulip2020(13)b&w

Locked down – Tulip 13.  St Aubert April 10th 2020.

From the page – “Monochrome Thoughts” – my backward glance at half a century of commitment to photography.

France, Normandy, St Aubert, Hellibore5,Dec 2019,b/w

Helibore 5,  St Aubert sur Orne,  December 2019.


A quiet April morning, Le Marais du Grande Haze, Briouze, Normandy

France, Normandy, StAubert, LeekSeedhead1b&w

Leek Seedhead, St Aubert 2017

France, Normandy, St Aubert, LoveiInAMist2019(2)

Love in a Mist,  St Aubert, June 2019

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Tulip2020(17)close

April 2020, St. Aubert.   Locked down tulips

France, Normandy, St Aubert, Salpiglossis, close2019(4)

Salpiglosses, close.  July 2019,  St Aubert, Normandy.

France, Normandy, St.Aubert, Lilly2020(4)

June 18th,  not so locked down, an orange lily blooms in the Barn Garden.

France, Normandy, Angers, La Pointe, River Loire1

La Loire at La Pointe, near Angers, France

From the page “Approaching the Loire”

Uk, Cornwall, Eden Project, January Biomes1

The biomes in winter, Eden Project, St Austell, Cornwall.

From my page Eden in Winter

“All together in the Floral Dance”,  Helston, Cornwall.

Snowboat to Nowhere, Cambridge, UK

Snowboat to Nowhere Winter 2012/3, Cambridge, UK – from the page “One Cambridge Winter”

Magic of the Broads

Magic of the Broads, Norfolk, UK

Look at this page for more Norfolk shots –

Signature of the Goddess.

Signature of the Goddess.

Wind turbines add 21st century drama to the Cornish landscape.

Wind turbines add 21st century drama to the Cornish landscape.

Meditation on the lack of Green.

Meditation on the lack of Green.

Rue Froide - from the new page - Time in Caen.

Rue Froide – from the page – Time in Caen.

The Great Flat Lode near Redruth has a huge amount of accessible mining heritage ruins. From the new page Cornish Mining - thoughts and pictures.

The Great Flat Lode near Redruth has a huge amount of accessible mining heritage ruins.
From the page “Cornish Mining – thoughts and pictures”.

Lastly, a photo from my favourite three pages on this blog, images and text about Tiruvannamalai, a town in Tamil Nadu, nestling under the mountain of Arunachala. Sacred to followers of Lord Shiva and devotees of Ramana.

The big Shiva Temple in Tiruvannamalai is the start of the Pradakshina around Arunachala, Tamil Nadu, India

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